Q:   I lost a ________, could you look around for it?  

A:  Absolutely we can help you with that!  Please fill out some information here:  Lost-and-Found

Please be specific, we find dozens of lone black gloves, for example, providing details like brand, size, color, markings like a child's name, and features help us find your item.


Q:  What are your ski and board hours?

A:  We are open Monday-Thursday: 4:30pm-9:30pm then Friday and Saturday 10:00am-10:00pm & Sundays: 10:00am-8pm.


Q:  How far are you from Chicago?

A:  Depending on traffic and where in Chicago, we are between a 3 and 4 hour drive.  For more detailed information on getting here, see our Directions.  There are a number of package deals available for overnight stays with our Lodging and Dining options.


Q:  I'm new at this, what do you have for beginning terrain options?

A:  We have an 80' conveyor lift in our beginner area, if you can stand up on skis or a board, you can ride this lift!  From that lift, the ground is shaped to lead you back to the bottom of the same lift.  We have a 200' conveyor which has replaced our rope tow.  This lift is a great next step in controlling speed through turn shape. It also brings you to a location to slide to our 3rd beginning lift, the cable lift, which will take you half way to the top to work on your continuous "S" turns.  On this run you build confidence and ability that you can safely come down the hill, in a controlled manner, able to stop and turn to keep others and yourself safe.  Then one of our two chair lifts and a trip down Memory Lane or Gentle Giant will have you skiing or riding from the top of Nordic  Mountain!  We also highly recommend a lesson to get you started safely.


Q:  We have a EMSCO, ESP, Lucky Bums snowboard, can we use it at Nordic?

A:  No.  All skis and boards must have metal edges to be used at Nordic.


Q:  Do you have on site lodging?

A:  No.  We do have many lodging partners in area towns within 20 minutes of our ski hill. Navigate to our Lodging & Dining Parners page to view their information.


Q:  What dining options do you have?

A:  Nordy's Pub is located upstairs at our Lodge.  Local beers on tap, full service bar, and locally sourced food.  The Philly is the Instructors favorite!

For the on the go skier or rider, we also have a lower level cafeteria with hot dogs, fries, quick snacks, and drinks at affordable prices.


Q:  Do you allow Sledding?

A:  No. There is no sledding allowed at anytime.  All skis and snowboards must have metal edges to be used at Nordic.  We do offer Tubing.  Click here for more information on tubing.


Q:  Do you offer Tubing?

A:  Yes we do, and its a blast!   Nordic Mountain offers a great tubing experience at affordable rates.  Click here for more information on tubing.


Q:  What is your vertical drop?

A:  265 ft.  From the top of the hill at the double chair to the bottom of the beginner area by our carpet lift!


Q:  How many runs and terrain parks do you have?

A:  We feature 18 runs from easy to black diamond and 3 of those are terrain parks: small, medium and large


Nordic Mountain

How To Upload Your Season Pass Photo To Your Nordic Mountain Account 

NEW this year is our season pass photo upload. This allows all pass holders to take their own headshot and upload it to their Nordic Mountain account. Please follow the directions below to create a login for your  account and upload your photo(s). 


  1. Go to https://shop.nordicmountain.com/account or go to our website, in the upper right corner choose My Account.

  2. Enter your email address (same email used when you purchased your pass) 

  3. Once your email is entered you will then be sent a temporary password to login. (Check your inbox AND spam folder)

  4. Enter the password sent to you, then click “log in” 

  5. You will then be prompted to the user preferences page to enter your name, and create a new password. Click “save changes” to proceed. 

  6. Once you are in your account you will see “season passes associated with your account” as well as any waivers, gift cards and recent online orders. You will need to associate the season pass waiver with your season pass.

  7. Select the drop down option under “pass type/waiver.” If you have signed the season pass waiver you will see an option to select it, if not, proceed to sign a new waiver.

  8. Once the waiver is complete you will then upload a photo by clicking “choose file” and selecting a headshot of the season pass holder. (Please do not have any face coverings, hats, or hoods on in your photo. If you upload an improper photo you will be contacted to do it over, and will not receive your pass until so).

  9. IMPORTANT: Click UPLOAD PHOTO and you should see your photo on the screen.

  10. Once your photo is uploaded you are finished! Save your login credentials, as this account can be used throughout the season to add funds to your pass, see gift card usage and sign waivers! 


***If you used our financing option, you will have to wait until you are paid in full in order to pick up your pass (email the office to find out if you are paid up).***

Questions? Email us


Nordic Mountain

(Screenshots are from Little Switz, same process applies for Nordic Mountain account set up)