Ski Patrol Information

Everyone who chooses to join ski patrol does so for a different reason, and we, as a patrol, are so happy that you want to join us. Nordic Mountain Ski Patrol currently consists of about 70 patrollers who love skiing/snowboarding and helping others. This handout was written for your convenience to answer some of your questions about your future with NMSP! Contact information is listed at the bottom of this page for your convenience and to help address any further questions you may have.

Education Requirements

  1. OEC: The first education requirement to become a ski patroller is the Outdoor Emergency Care course.
  2. CPR: NSP requires that every patroller complete a course of CPR for the Professional Rescuer.  It can also be taken through another organization such as Fox Valley Technical College or the American Heart Association.
  3. Toboggan Training: Helping injured guests on-the-hill is an important part of our training as ski patrollers. Toboggan training will take place in the winter. This course will provide you with the skills to help injured guests off of the hill safely. This training will take place over seven five hour classes in the winter.

Refreshing your Education

  1. OEC: NSP requires that all patrollers refresh their first aid skills each year. NMSP holds their OEC refresher each year on the first Saturday of October. This is an all-day event. First year patroller who have just finished OEC; will not be required to attend the refresher. However, we do encourage you to do so as this will allow you to meet and work with other members of our team. You will be required to attend in years following. The OEC refresher may also be taken at another hill, if it is more convenient. It will be your responsibility to find and attend these refreshers. Failure to attend a refresher will result in your removal from NMSP.
  2. On-the-hill: On-the-hill refresher is also required each year. There are usually two to three days when these refreshers are offered at Nordic Mountain. You are only required to attend one of these. You will not be eligible to receive any ski benefits (i.e. family pass or punch card) until this refresher has been completed.

Time Commitment

  1. Shift Number: Each patroller is required to sign up for a minimum of number of shifts (unless they are eligible for the Young Adult program).  This shift requirement may be subject to change based on the number of patrollers on the roster. Typical shifts per calendar year range from 8 – 12.  Each shift is approximately 6 hours long.
  2. Summer Help: Nordic Mountain offers multiple events during the summer months including an “Ultimate Day” and WORS mountain bike races. These shifts are credited for the season

Dues and other Financials

  1. The NSP charges a fee of $65 for the OEC exam.
  2. OEC Text Book is approximately $60.
  3. Annual dues are approximately $50.

Young Adult Program

  1. Young adults (patrollers between the ages of 15 and 17) will become part of our Young Adult Program. Patrollers of fifteen years of age will not be required to sign up for shifts. Young Adults who are sixteen or older will be required to sign up for a limited number of shifts.


  1. Current Benefits of Membership on Patrol – Nordic Mountain hill management generously offers members of the NMSP with certain benefits, provided those members are Eligible Members.  These benefits are subject to change at any time without notice, but currently include the following:
  2. Ski Passes
    1. Family/Guest – Patrollers will receive either (a) complimentary season passes for all immediate family members, or (b) complimentary guest passes.  For this purpose, a patroller’s family members include their spouse and dependent children.  The term “dependent children” will have the meaning set forth in the IRS regulations.  Patrollers will not be allowed to “re-sell” or allow anyone to use a pass unless the patroller is accompanying the guest.
    2. A patroller may use his/her season pass to ski at Nordic Mountain any time, whether or not he/she is scheduled to be “on-duty.”  A patroller that skis while “off-duty” has the option of (a) signing in and wearing their patrol jacket and uniform, or (b) not signing in and not wearing their patrol jacket and uniform.  If a patroller is wearing a patrol jacket, it is anticipated that they will be available to help the “on-duty” patrollers as needed.
  3. Food – Standard discounts on certain food and refreshments as determined by hill management.
  4. Beverage – Nordic Mountain will provide patrollers with free soda, hot chocolate or coffee from the downstairs cafeteria, but not from Nordy’s Pub.  This does not apply to Red Bull or 5-Hour Energy.  This benefit applies only to patrollers and does not include their family members or friends.
  5. Nordic Mountain will provide patrollers with one free drink at Nordy’s Pub immediately after the patroller’s shift.  Sorry – these cannot be accumulated or banked for later use.
  6. National Discounts are available at many ski resorts and from national vendors.

Hopefully this handout has helped to answer some of your initial questions about Nordic Mountain Ski Patrol. If you have further questions, please contact: Phil Keberlein (

Once again, we look forward to you joining our team. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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